A Balcony Collapse Caused Many Injuries

My sister was visiting a friend a few weeks ago when there was an accident. I have heard news stories where people were on a balcony, and it collapsed, but I never expected it to happen to anyone I know. She was on the balcony with her friend as well as a few other people, and it just came down. It was only on the second story, thank goodness, but that was bad enough. I knew that before it was all over, she was going to need a Los Angles personal injury attorney to help her because the homeowner was already shifting blame onto the people on the balcony.

There were only five of them on it, and the balcony is large enough to hold at least twice that many people comfortably. Since it was not a matter of weight, the cause had to be in the design of the balcony itself. That was just my guess, but I wanted to make sure that my sister did not suffer even more than just her injuries since the homeowner wanted the victims to cover the costs themselves. Read more …

My Wife Was in an Accident

My wife absolutely hates driving home from work because the rush hour traffic is usually pretty horrible. She has lost her patience a few times with other drivers who were in a hurry, but she never was involved in an accident because of one of them until two months ago. A car was supposed to yield to oncoming traffic but decided to take a chance that the oncoming traffic would yield to it. Well, my wife didn’t have a chance because the other driver ran right into her. We ended up contacting a Sacramento car accident attorney because the insurance companies were causing issues with her medical options. Read more …

Aviation Lawyer: Whether Passenger, Pilot Or Owner, You May Need An Aviation Lawyer

If you or a family member has been the victim of an airplane accident, you should find an Aviation Lawyer (Attorney) to help you. It is important to contact an Aviation Lawyer because of the highly specialized nature of Aviation Law. An Aviation Lawyer will understand law involving the industry, the mechanics of aircraft, types of aircraft, and how defects in these put passengers at risk. Aviation Lawyers do not just work for passengers, but for pilots and aircraft owners as well. Aviation Law is a very specialized area of law that regulates the operation, safety and maintenance of aircraft and aircraft facilities. Despite increased safety standards, accidents still happen due to the widespread use of air travel which speeds up the wear and damage to airplane parts and mechanisms, and the complex nature of overlying airspace. This airplane wear and damage as well as pilot mistakes cause unnecessary accidents. Aviation Law began in 1926 with the formation of the Air Commerce Act which regulated the use of aircraft in interstate or foreign business. The next step that Aviation Law took was in 1938 with the Civil Aeronautics Act which created a five person panel which dealt with aircraft, facility, and aviation law within the United States. Then the FAA, the Federal Aviation Agency, was created. Violations of Aviation Law which justify the seeking of an Aviation Lawyer include (but are not limited to) Aviation Accident Law, FAA License Violation, Aviation Business Disputes, minimizing ownership liability, aircraft ownership problems, sale or purchase of aircraft, negotiating or enforcing contracts, warranty compliance, major overhaul or maintenance deficiencies, loss of use and “down time” claims, first and third party denial of insurance coverage/claims, security breaches, product liability avoidance, fractional ownership contracts, FAA regulatory approval, protection of aviation business, governmental investigations, and hazardous substance transport violations. Since 2000, the aviation industry has been in financial difficulty due to changes in world economy, the entrance of low-cost carriers, SARS, war, and, of course, terrorism. These factors have led airlines to cut any costs they can to maintain their fragile financial balance. Thus, accidents still occur despite the increased security and safety laws and precautions. These accidents are unnecessary and if you or a family member has been a victim of airline negligence or outright, purposeful ignorance, you should contact an Aviation Lawyer who can help you.

Hiring a Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer? Different Ways to Find the Right Lawyer

Wedding days are one of the most joyous and special days for many. However, there are many reasons that make marriages fall apart and which often require a lot of work to make such marriages work. Wedding days are one of the most joyous and special days for many. However, there are many reasons that make marriages fall apart and which often require a lot of work to make such marriages work. Other times marriages end in divorce, which tends to be a difficult time. If you are in Minneapolis and divorce seems to be the only ideal solution, then you need a Minneapolis divorce lawyer. With the right Minneapolis divorce lawyer, you can be sure of turning the trying moment into a less stressful process. There are many different ways that you can use to hire the right Minneapolis divorce lawyer. Usually, the involved parties tend to rely on their family or members or friend for advice and support. You can ask your friend or relative to give you more information on a divorce lawyer in Minneapolis especially if they have worked with them before. Alternatively, you can visit nearby law firms or well-known firms to get more information on the hiring process or just inquire about the firm’s Minneapolis divorce lawyer. Another helpful way for finding the right Minneapolis divorce lawyer is by using the Internet or local newspaper ads to your advantage. This method is very useful especially when comparing experience and rates. For you to know that you are picking the right divorce lawyer in Minneapolis, make sure that they have the right expertise in dealing with such cases. It is important for the Minneapolis divorce lawyer to be well versed in family law, as this means they will have more experience in dealing with various issues related to a divorce. Nevertheless, for you to get such a lawyer, you must be prepared to spend some time in finding the right Minneapolis divorce lawyer who can do the following: Guide you through the entire process. Protect your rights and interests. Have the right expertise on marital separation, child custody cases, and spousal support. Has a the right educational qualifications from a well known law school. If the Minneapolis divorce lawyer has had extensive training on family law or divorce, they are likely to have the credential logo like a ‘certified specialist.’ However, before you hire the lawyer, it will make sense if you check their success rate in dealing with divorce cases. Keep in mind that lawyers in Minneapolis mostly charge their clients on an hourly basis. The rates charged also differ from one firm to another or from one Minneapolis divorce lawyer to another. Given that divorce cases can also get expensive, it is crucial for you to make your comparisons on the fees charged before you end up with a lawyer you cannot afford. However much you may want the divorce process to come to an end, be very careful not to make a hasty decision when choosing your legal representative. This is because divorce courts consider a lot of factors before making a ruling. Besides, you kid’s best interests as well as your interests can only be protected if you hire the right Minneapolis divorce lawyer. Take your time.

Chicago Auto Accident Lawyers – They Fight For The Compensation

The statistics of motor accident in Chicago stood at 0.12 million in 2007 according to the transport division of Illinois and nearly 15% of the victims sustained minor to major injuries due to no fault of them. The injuries were also catastrophic in nature with 191 as fatal. Since then the population of Chicago has grown rapidly and the current numbers of injuries and fatality would be much higher. If some one has got injured in auto accidents, it becomes important for him/her to select the most experienced and expert lawyer who can handle the injury case in a better way. The victim deserves a fair compensation and the insurance providers never provide it. Only a help from Chicago Auto Accident Lawyers will be able to provide the legal aid which an accident victim deserves.

The insurance providers mainly concentrate in making money for themselves and do not care much about the insured and often provide settlement offers which are much less than what the accident victim is entitled to. The victim loses much more then what he/she gets in terms of medical bills, lost wages due to long absence from work apart from the pain and suffering. Chicago auto accident lawyers victim in Chicago and entire Illinois are appropriately skilled and they rightly determine the proper compensation amount for auto accident victims. The lawyers advocate more aggressively on their clients behalf and help them in obtaining maximum recovery and financial compensation.

The victim should immediately contact the Chicago Auto Accident Lawyers after the injury sustained in an auto accident and opt for a legal advice which is free of cost. The legal fee and other charges are not charged unless the lawyers win the case for the victim. The fees and charges are later adjusted from the compensation amount. The law firms which employ these lawyers have long experience in this field and they are better equipped to fight these types of cases successfully.

How to Find a Good accident lawyers in Denver

There are numerous commercials of accident lawyers in Denver calling out on victims of automobile accidents or those hurt within their work environment all over the televisions. However, none has bothered to demystify who the personal injury attorney in Denver is, the group of persons these attorneys represent and how to find a good personal injury attorney for your self.

So before getting to how to find a good injury attorney in Denver let is first understand who these attorneys are and the people they represent. Personal injury attorneys mainly represent victims of injuries resulting from the negligence of another person or even a business. This could be in the work place or the roads through automobile accidents or even psychological hurts. The cases could be against individuals or government agencies.
The question then is how do you find the best personal injury lawyers in Denver? The first step is to find an attorney who has experience within the locality where the case will be heard. This is because personal injury laws vary from one locality to the other and this also applies to the courts and court procedures. Secondly, ensure that you find out about that attorney�s reputation in previous related cases before you opt on working with them. This may call for a bit of shopping around as opposed to making a quick pick.

You may also want to consider a Denver personal injury law firm or attorneys who offer trial consultation services for free at the initial stages hence you could books a meeting or two with such, get an insight into the possible outcomes of your case as well as the chances of emerging victorious. Should you be dissatisfied with the proposed possibilities, you can seek another opinion. This should be done keeping in mind that the lawyer attorney is in business therefore you too must get a section of what will come through at the close of the case.

Besides finding contacts of good personal injury attorneys from the yellow pages, you could also enlist the services of the lawyer referral agencies most of which are State Bar Association sponsored hence will connect your with lawyers who are experienced in handling cases that are similar to yours.

Web directories could also be very useful in the search for a good accident lawyers in Denver. However, you should be careful to find an attorney with whom you have a rapport with and have developed a considerable degree of trust for. In fact, finding a good attorney can be equated to finding a personal doctor because even with the personal injury attorney, your life may as well be in his hands.

You may also want to consider the level of training of you preferred attorney as well as, whether he meets that required up to date criteria for practicing including having taken bar exams for the sate in which they will be representing you since these exams vary from one state to the other.

Be Aware of Unethical Bankruptcy Attorneys & Lawyers in Los Angeles

To find pre-screened bankruptcy lawyers call 1000Attorneys.com at 661-310-7999

A former associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in Palo Alto was arrested late last month in connection with allegations that he was not licensed to practice law and had attempted to falsify credentials.

Steven Young Lee, 31, who had worked in the prestigious law firm’s securities litigation division since last August, was fired last month when the firm found out that the Boston College law graduate had lied about being licensed to practice law in California or anywhere else.

Lee’s attorney, Lucy McAllister, did not return phone calls, and when reached Monday, Lee himself said “I don’t want to comment.”

After his arrest April 29, Lee was charged with felony grand theft and the unlawful practice of law. If convicted of both charges, Lee faces up to five years behind bars, according to Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney Al Weger.

While at Wilson, Sonsini, Lee conducted interviews, took depositions, gave legal advice and made court appearance in L.A., San Francisco and San Mateo. The firm has returned to clients a total of $219,865.95 that was billed for Lee’s work, and it brought the matter to prosecutors’ attention, Weger said.

“The work he did seemed adequate,” said Wilson, Sonsini lawyer Timothy Scott, chair of the firm’s litigation department. “The other lawyers seemed to have liked him.”

According to a report by District Attorney Investigator Gary Medlin, the allegations unfolded April 13 when partner Leo Cunningham overheard his secretary talking to someone from the State Bar, which grants individuals licenses to practice the profession. The secretary, according to the report, was doing a routine verification to make sure Lee was in good standing with the bar. (To practice law in California, an individual must pass a bar exam and an ethics review.)

The bar, however, told the secretary that the number she provided did not belong to Lee. Cunningham then confronted the associate, according to the report, and Lee said that he must have incorrectly written the number down. He said he would check his bar card and give the correct number to Cunningham, the report said.

Lee later provided Cunningham with another number, which state bar records showed was registered to a Steve Y.C. Lee who lived in Sacramento. Steven Y. Lee finally admitted he was not licensed in any state, the report said. He was immediately suspended, and on that day sent a change of address form to the California State bar, requesting a duplicate bar card belonging to Steve Y.C. Lee, listing Wilson as his new employer. Less than a week after he was fired, Lee submitted a resume to an executive legal search firm to find new work as a lawyer, the report said.

“This was an obvious attempt on his part to steal Steve Y.C. Lee’s bar number,” concluded the report. The Sacramento lawyer, meanwhile, said this week that he is considering a negligence suit against Wilson, Sonsini. “At the bare minimum, Wilson was negligent,” said Steve Y.C. Lee. “All it takes is one search. … What firm doesn’t do a background check?”

Scott defended the firm’s hiring practices, even as he stressed that such an incident would never happen again.

“We check references, and we did so in this case,” he said. The state bar’s Web site, which lists Steve Y.C. Lee’s bar number and that of other lawyers, is accessible to anyone.

Ironically, Steven Y. Lee had gotten over what to most aspiring lawyers are the hardest parts of the process — getting through law school and passing a required test. Prosecutors said he has passed the bar in at least two states, and in 1993, he graduated from Boston College Law School.

Shortly afterward, though, Lee made what would prove to be a terrible mistake. It wasn’t that he failed the Massachusetts exam (more than half of test-takers do), but that he lied about the results to land a job with a firm in that state, prosecutors said. When the firm found out, it fired Lee.

In 1994, Lee moved to New York and took the bar exam for that state. He passed, but because of the incident in Massachusetts, he was rejected in a review of ethical conduct — a step almost perfunctory to many lawyers. After that, said prosecutors, he told the law firm of Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin & Oshinsky that he was indeed licensed — and worked there until his lie was discovered 15 months later, prosecutors said.

In 1997, Lee moved to work at Brian Cave LLP in Los Angeles. He lasted there less than two weeks when the firm found out he didn’t have a license to practice in California, prosecutors said. Last February, Lee passed the California bar exam. But, said the report, “He never followed through with the procedures necessary to become licensed.”

High Pay and High Number: Best Career Choices for Women

Women are familiar with workplace discrimination and hearing things like, “It’s a male-dominated sector so you will have a hard time getting in.” It’s infuriating and makes us want to prove that most people are wrong even more.

But to prove that women can also rule the professional world, we have compiled a list of careers that pays the highest and houses mostly those of the female gender.

Like what Beyonce sang, “Who run the world? Girls!”
Wage: $153,780 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 63% **
What They Do: Administer anesthesia and oversee a patient’s recovery from it.
Wage: $127,640 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 27% **
What They Do: Organize and manage an organization’s computer-related activities for its improvement and efficiency.
Wage: $120,950 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 52% **
What They Do: Provide people with drugs prescribed by medical practitioners. They also provide patients about medications and their proper intake or usage.
Wage: $120,050 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 56% **
What They Do: Supervise the work of scientists in different fields. They also direct activities such as research, development, testing, quality control, and production.
Wage: $114,970 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 34% **
What They Do: Represent clients in legal proceedings, draft legal documents, and advise them on legal transactions.
Wage: $72,810 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 72% (According to Regan & Dean Recruitment Limited)
What They Do: Plan, coordinate, or manage HR activities as well as an organization’s staff.
Wage: $95,820 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 66% (According to National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants)
What They Do: Perform healthcare services normally done by physicians while under their supervision.
Wage: $95,710*
Women Rate in the Industry: 44% **
What They Do: Address economic problems about goods and services distribution, as well as monetary policies by conducting researches and preparing reports.
Wage: $74,690 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 100% **
What They Do: Manage, maintain, and provide quality control for research equipment and nuclear testing.
Wage: $72,810 *
Women Rate in the Industry: 80% **
What They Do: Study human behavior by observing groups and cliques people form including social, religious, political, and business organizations.

There are a number of excellent career opportunities for professional women out there; all you need to do is look for one that fits your passion and skills.

Read Best 10 Resume Writers resume writing companies reviews to get the best people who will land you on the right path towards your dream career.

How Does a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help in Filing a Suit?

Recent surveys have thrown up a grave issue about the increase in the number of bankruptcy cases being submitted for jurisdiction in San Jose.

Filing a bankruptcy suit is not an easy task. Assistance at each and every step is required for filing all the legalities and formalities. California Bankruptcy Lawyer has the expertise related to fighting such cases. Proper execution is required, at both ends, to file a perfect suit.

Filing for a bankruptcy suit can have adverse affects on a citizen’s credit score. Liquidation and re-organization methods have to be dealt with, in a tactful manner. Chapter 7 deals with the liquidation category whereas Chapter 13 is bent to deal with re-organization methods. Proper assistance is required to make sure that you file the appropriate bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy Lawyer in California has the skills to take care of all the formalities on behalf of the clients.

There are various methods that an attorney has to adopt for bailing out his/her clients out of the situation. They are:

Filing the Suit in the Court:
Filing and fighting cases is never an easy option to come to a settlement. Residing anywhere in the area of San Jose, you are required to file your petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California. Certain time-limits and regulations have to be fulfilled before filing your suit. You should receive a brief from a government-authorised credit counselling agency 180 days prior to filing your petition. At the time of filing the case, you will have to provide this certificate in the court of law. A Bankruptcy Lawyer in California will help you with all the guidelines.

Together with this, you will have to pay the filing fees that depends on the type of bankruptcy case you will file. Fees for a chapter 7 bankruptcy suit stands at $299 whereas, a chapter 13 case involves payment of $274. Insufficiency of funds or failure to do so will force you to make the payment in a period of 120 days. You are given a relaxation of four installments to pay your fees.

Choosing the Appropriate Type of Bankruptcy:
Filing the correct bankruptcy suit is required to get the desired results. Individuals are given the flexibility to file for consumer or personal bankruptcy cases in San Jose. These are different as compared to commercial bankruptcy, which is generally filed by corporates.

Several types of consumer bankruptcy cases are available to file for. California Bankruptcy Lawyer assists you in all your decision making and takes care of all the legal matters on your behalf. Some of the types are:
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Here the debtor’s property is seized by the court and sold off to pay back the creditors.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: In this method you are given a time-frame of three to five years to repay your debts and a repayment plan is approved by the court.

A California Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney takes care of all the issues and provides relief to its clients. Proper discussions with the lawyer appointed is a must so as to get a knowledge on the eligibility of the type of bankruptcy involved. Assistance pertaining to the cases is always provided so as to release the burden on the clients.

Become Familiar With What The Most Common Sorts Of Lawyers Can Help With

Regardless of our best efforts to avoid it, needing legal advice is sometimes necessary in our lives. Many individuals will find that sitting down to talk to a legal professional will be a necessity at some point or another. There are a variety of different kinds of lawyers who each specialize in different types of legal situations. Whether you need some help filing for divorce, bankruptcy, or have been injured in a car accident, there is a Tulsa lawyer who meets your needs. Read on to learn more about what some of the most common lawyers specialize in helping with.

A personal injury lawyer has the ability to give you assistance if you’ve had an accident or injury from an accident. They are the lawyers who deal with claims having to do with workers compensation and products that cause injury to someone because of defects or faulty manufacturing. Many of us know of personal injury lawyers as representing people who have missed work as a result of being hurt badly in an automobile accident. A personal injury lawyer could help you receive financial compensation so that your needs will be provided for until the time you can return to work.

An estate lawyer helps people handle everything that is related to estates. They are able to help their clients draw up wills and living trusts. In addition, they help with executing wills of deceased persons. If your grandmother dies and leaves a will, her lawyer would be the one who reads the will and makes sure of the proper dispersal of any property your grandmother included in her will. If you need to establish a will, a Tulsa lawyer who practices estate law will help you.

Family lawyers deal with anything regarding family legal matters, including marriage. They can help you with your legal issues concerning divorce, which includes helping you to understand state laws that have to be followed, what you are entitled to and much more.. To get a divorce, you will need the help of one of these lawyers to make the process easier. They will help with filing the divorce, as well as assisting with spousal and child support and custody matters. Tulsa lawyers who practice family law can also help when you choose to adopt a child.

Bankruptcy lawyers will help you if you need to file for bankruptcy. If you’re unsure of whether or not you should declare bankruptcy, they can help you evaluate if you are elibible for bankruptcy. There are several different kinds of bankruptcy, the most common being Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A bankruptcy lawyer will be able to help you determine which kind of bankruptcy to file for and will guide you in the filing process.

Criminal defense lawyers can help you if you have criminal charges filed against you. If you have had a criminal charge brought against you, it is a good idea to call a criminal defense lawyer, no matter what the charge. Crimes can be anything from misdemeanors to felonies, and a lawyer can try to eliminate or reduce any punishments that may be handed down to you..

Hunting for a lawyer can seem like and overwhelming task, but it does not need to be. You will first need to ascertain what sort of lawyer can help you. Ask people you know if they have a lawyer they’ve had successful results with, and then call the lawyers for a consultation. Once you’ve chosen the lawyer who can help you manage your particular legal needs, you will receive all the help you need to walk you through the legal process.